CDI Advisors LLC

A New Frontier in Asset Allocation

CDI Advisors LLC

 CDI Advisors LLC is an investment consulting firm specializing in the area of asset allocation. We subscribe to the notion that asset allocation is the primary determinant of a portfolio’s investment performance. The asset allocation and asset-“liability” models we design are customized for the unique needs of our clients - institutional and individual investors and their investment consultants. Our approach to every client is based on the client’s distinctive circumstances and requirements. 

 We employ all conventional portfolio selection methodologies, including stochastic simulation analysis and conventional optimization techniques. Our biggest advantage is the utilization of Commitment Driven Investing(CDI) – a comprehensive cost-risk management framework, which includes a powerful multi-period portfolio and glide path optimization methodology that generates Nash equilibrium solutions. The framework is applicable to virtually any investor with future financial commitments to fund. 

 Defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, foundations, endowments, insurance companies - these are examples of investors that make financial commitments and endeavor to fund them in the future. CDI is designed to help these investors to select optimal policy portfolios that minimize the riskiness and cost of funding the investors' commitments as well as maximize feasible commitments.  

 CDI Advisors LLC is an independent employee owned firm. Our advice is completely unbiased and we are not affiliated with any asset management, investment banking, or brokerage firms.