Our Services

We serve investment consultants as well as institutional and individual investors.

Investment Consultants
We work with the investment consultants who wish to add advanced asset allocation, asset-“liability” and actuarial research capabilities to their services. The scope of our services ranges from a limited “behind-the-scenes” assistance in the areas of advanced portfolio analysis, actuarial reporting/accounting and related disciplines to a large scale policy portfolio analysis that includes, but is not limited to, the design and implementation of customized short-term and long-term portfolio optimization models, stochastic projections of the components of actuarial and accounting reports, presentations of the results and educational sessions. 

Institutional and Individual Investors
We work with defined benefit plans, foundations, endowments, insurance companies and government agencies directly or in cooperation with their consultants. We help a particular institution to design a policy portfolio that represents a reasonable compromise between many risks the institution faces. In most cases, the portfolios we recommend minimize cost and risk at the same time.

The asset allocation models we build are usually client-specific - we do not favor off-the-shelf solutions. Since we utilize proprietary analytical tools, the customization process is time- and cost-efficient. Our services range from limited support in specific areas to a leading role from the start to the completion of the project.

We offer a unified asset allocation platform for the design of lifecycle funds, target date funds, and discretionary managed accounts. Our portfolio optimization engine generates glide paths that maximize post-retirement income and minimize the level of required contributions. In accordance with the principles of CDI, our glide paths are optimized for the lowest contributions for a given risk profile and the lowest overall risk for given contributions.
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